Soy Energy

Each year Jaindl Farms produces approximately 200,000 bushels of soybeans which are grown on 3,000 – 3,500 acres of Jaindl owned property in Lehigh, Northampton, Schuylkill, and Bucks Counties.  After the soybeans are harvested they are stored in climate controlled grain bins.  Prior to processing, the beans are moved to a 20 ton holding tank.   The beans are then conveyed from the holding tank to the Soybean Protein Plant using a 4 inch screw auger into a Bliss ER-1912, 25 HP Hammer Mill.  The soybeans are conditioned before being metered into a 350 HP, Inst-Pro® Model 9400 Extruder.  As the conditioned beans pass through the extruder’s press augers, the resistance generates heat up to 350°F to process the beans.  The soybeans exit the extruder’s nose cone under extreme pressure as a “liquid mash” material.

When the extruded product is to be used as a “high oil” feed additive it will be conveyed by a 45o, 9 inch 20 foot long conveyor to a drum cooler.  The drum cooler can cool the soybeans from 350° to 750° at the rate of 10 to 12 tons per hour.  This 12 foot long, 48 inches in diameter stainless steel cooler works on the same tumbling principle as an electric clothes dryer.  As the hot soybeans enter the drum cooler they are aerated as they tumble through 5500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air at 4483 FPM (feet per minute), produced by using a 10 HP cyclone.  Soybeans are again run through a 10 HP hammer mill to pulverize the soybean mash into a fine high quality soybean meal which will be added as a component of the well-balanced feed fed to our turkeys.

David Jaindl in front of the soybean Cooler at the Soybean Protein Plant.

When producing “high protein, low oil” meal, the mash exits the extruder and is conveyed to a Model #5005 Extended Cage continuous oil press.  Any product not handled by the #5505 press will be transferred to the Insta-pro® Model #1500 continuous oil press. The 30 HP #1500 press will handle 2000 lbs per hour and the Model #5005, rated at 60 HP, will press 4200 lbs per hour.

After the oil is pressed by the #5005 and the #1500 continuous horizontal presses, the oil is pumped using a Husky 2150 air operated diaphragm pump to a separation disc type decanter.  Separating solids from liquids (soy oil from meal) plays a key role in filtering the soybean oil.  After the oil has passed through the centrifuge and has been refined, the oil will be pumped into an underground holding tank at the rate of 6 gallons per minute.  All oil will be stored in a 20,000 Titan double-wall underground tank located just 10 feet from the soybean plant.  This Geo Flex System is a completely integrated underground fuel dispensing system designed to be environmentally safe, is monitored by an Enverion Leak Detection system (LDS).  The extracted soybean meal moves to a drum cooler, then to the hammer mill and is then carried by a 200 foot, 4 inch screw auger to a soybean meal holding tank.  This soybean meal is added to the feed as prescribed by Jaindl’s Veterinary Nutritionist to create the highest quality feed available for Jaindl’s special breed of turkeys.

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