After the eggs are gathered from the “Automatic Egg Collection System,” they are delivered to the hospital-clean hatchery, which has the capacity to hatch up to 80,000 poults weekly.

All eggs are washed, sanitized and air-dried in special washing equipment; 1 person’s effort can accomplish this in approximately 4 hours each day. Eggs are washed and sanitized within 1 hour after they arrive in Jaindl’s hatchery.

The eggs are then placed in the incubators, which have the total capacity of 450,000 eggs. A turkey will hatch in 28 days.

Poults remain in the nursery for 10 days before being placed in grow-out barns. Unlike other commercially grown turkeys, each newly hatched Jaindl flock is placed on totally fresh bedding in a barn that has been cleaned and sanitized after each flock. This management practice is more costly, but proves cost effective because it helps to keep a clean, productive, disease-free flock.


The eight “grow-out” farms and one breeder farm contain 219 total barns, nearly 2.5 million square feet of living space.

Turkeys are grown in pole barns which are equipped with Chore Time Automatic Feed Systems.

Two of the eight grow-out farms are dedicated to “Free-Range” turkeys. These farms are fed a special antibiotic free, animal by-product free diet.

Jaindl raises two types of turkey breeds, a medium type and a large type. Raising multiple breeds of turkey enables Jaindl to offer dressed turkey with sizes ranging from 8 to 40 pounds at 20-30 weeks of age.