Conducting its business with honesty, integrity, and respect

About Jaindl

Turkey Sales

Jaindl breeds, hatches, grows, processes and markets their own unique breed on 12,000 acres of family owned prime Lehigh Valley farmland. We raise 750,000 turkeys ensuring only the highest-quality products for our customers along with practicing sustainable processes.

Real Estate

At Jaindl we value long term relationships with our clients. Our industrial and office projects have led to more than 12,000 jobs in our region and account for over $15 million in local tax revenue annually. We have over 14 million sq ft of industrial and commercial real estate developed and have invested $100 million towards public improvements.


From our farm to your table. Jaindl Farms is located in Orefield Pennsylvania, we’re the largest independent agricultural operation in the Lehigh Valley. We raise 750,000 turkeys a year and pride ourself for being the largest, independently owned and fully integrated turkey business in the world. With over 12,000 acres of family owned farmland in the Lehigh Valley, we value sustainability and superior customer service.

Our Mission

The Jaindl Companies are committed to providing the highest quality of product possible while conducting its business with honesty, integrity, and respect.

honesty, integrity, and respect

Jaindl Farms takes pride in supplying its valued customers with an outstanding premium turkey.


About Jaindl

Jaindl Farms is a fully integrated turkey farm: breeding, hatching, growing, processing and marketing their turkeys. All Jaindl turkeys are fed farm fresh feed from grains including corn and soybeans, which are grown on 12,000 acres of prime farmland owned by the Jaindl family. These grains are made into fresh feed for the turkeys in Jaindl’s feed mill which is located on the farm.


The National Turkey Federation awarded the first blue ribbon to Jaindl Farms in 1954. Since that time, Jaindl turkeys have proudly carried the “Grand Champion®” Brand label. For more than 40 years, the “Grand Champion®” Brand turkey has been selected by the National Turkey Federation to supply the turkey that graces the holiday table at the White House each Thanksgiving.

Our Owner

David Jaindl
David M. Jaindl is the owner and President of Jaindl Farms, which breeds, hatches, grows and processes 750,000 turkeys annually and farms over 12,000 acres of land located in the Lehigh Valley. Other business interests of Mr. Jaindl include Jaindl Turkey Sales, Jaindl Land Company, and Schantz Orchards.

Jaindl Family Philanthropy

David Jaindl is on the board of the Fred J. Jaindl Foundation. This Foundation has donated millions of dollars to the Lehigh Valley community and beyond. The Foundation focuses on children in need and the elderly. David Jaindl also maintains the same philanthropic ideologies as his father before him.

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