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Sustainably Nourishing Our Communities

Jaindl Farms and Land Development

We care about doing right by our land. This means our turkey, farming, and land development processes are done ethically and with the soul of our farming heritage.

Our Promise to You

The Values of Family

As a family business, our relationship with the land runs deep. It lives at the heart of everything we do. It's our blood, sweat, and tears. Decades of turkey farming have taught us to respect the earth we live and thrive upon. The land gives back its truest reward when you give into it. Take care of it.

Our Land, Our Responsibility

Sustainable farming means we create what we use. A closed loop. We carry this thoughtful mindset into our land development measures, always wanting to build a better community for the greater Lehigh Valley.

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Sustainable Breeding, Championship Quality

A Healthier Turkey

The Jaindl Turkey is a symbol of quality, of purity. It's hard to argue with history — for a half century it's been the featured Thanksgiving centerpiece at the White House. Our turkeys are antibiotic-free and fed grains that are grown and harvested on the farm. We know our quality begins with the turkey's quality of life and care.

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Meet the Jaindls

After five generations, there's a lot to be said of a family business that not just survives but thrives and gives to its community in a variety of ways. We're proud of our family business and we're going to keep it that way. Farming flows through us because of everyone that came before.

Meet the Family

"We grow everything ourselves. There's just something very satisfying about working on a farm. It keeps everything in perspective."

David Jaindl | Owner and Operator

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We love meeting new people and growing the circle of our ever-expanding community. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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