Responsible Stewardship of Our Valley

Land Development

We see land development as more than a business, it’s our responsibility and our birthright. Not unlike farming, it enables us to work the land and bring out the elemental value it provides. Most importantly, we do this while preserving the sanctity of our countryside and its natural resources.

Supporting Responsible Growth

Our Land Development History

The Jaindl family began developing land in the 1960s, beginning with a phased residential project and a self-owned water company. The land acquisitions and investments continued through the years with our industrial and commercial developments occupying 21.5 million sq. ft.

More Jaindl Land development info:

  • We developed 500 residential units during the first 30 years and over 10,000 units over the past 20 years
  • Over $100 million in private investment dollars has been spent by Jaindl toward public improvements
  • Our industrial and office projects have led to more than 15,000 jobs in our region
  • Jaindl projects account for over $17 million in local tax revenue annually
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"Working with Jaindl on the Nestle project has been a very rewarding experience. They are the type of owner and seller with whom you would want to maintain a long-term relationship."

Mike Webster | Champion Partners, Dallas, Texas

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Ethical Land Use

Community Sustainability

By way of our farming heritage, we have a longstanding belief to do right by others. It’s our doctrine. This, combined with our enduring passion for the Lehigh Valley, fuels our work with a certain grit and grind. It drives us to create opportunity from the land, and act responsibly or not at all.

Ethical land use is our intention for the properties we provide our customers, but also for all the neighboring homes and businesses who border our developments.

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