Giving for the Greater Good

Our Philanthropy

Fulfilling Our Promise

Our roots run deep in the communities of beautiful Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. We owe so much of what we can call our success to our neighbors and loyal customers.

Giving back to the causes and needs of those around us is a core principle of our family. That is why we established the Fred J. Jaindl Foundation in honor of our founder, father, and grandfather.

After five generations, we know our prosperity can only be measured if it includes what we give back to the people of the world around us.

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Continuing the Legacy of Giving

David Jaindl serves on the Fred J. Jaindl Foundation board, which has donated millions of dollars to the Lehigh Valley community and beyond. The foundation focuses on children, the elderly, and on providing opportunities to those in need.

David and the Jaindl family continually strive to maintain the same charitable ideologies as their father and grandfather before them.


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Here's How to Reach Us

We love meeting new people and growing the network of our ever-expanding community. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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