The Jaindl Legacy

Our Story

For five generations, Jaindl Farms has prospered with the heart of a family-owned and operated business and the pride of being a fully self-reliant turkey farmer and land developer.

A Sustainable Future

From the Ground Up

We hatch, grow, process, and market our unique breed of turkeys completely within the healthy ecosystem of our farm. This is the only way we can confidently raise 800,000 turkeys of the highest-quality while practicing sustainable processes. That is the non negotiable deal we’ve made with our farming heritage. All Jaindl turkeys are fed farm-fresh feed from grains like corn and soybeans, which are grown on 14,000 acres of our prime farmland.

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Continued Growth

Fostering Our Community

Year after year, we work our carefully planned model of sustained growth. It's about so much more to us than business. Our industrial and office projects have created more than 12,000 jobs in our region and account for over $15 million in local tax revenue annually. Industrial and commercial lands developed by Jaindl Land occupy more than 14 million square feet of thriving real estate.

Public improvement remains at the forefront. We've spent more than $100 million in private investments for developing the public-serving areas in our community. It's been our commitment since the 1930’s and this meaningful purpose remains our future vision.

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New Life to an Old Tradition

A-Treat Soda, the Family Favorite

We believe some memories are meant to be relived. That's how we feel about A-Treat Soda.

We acquired this iconic brand in 2015 with the desire to keep its 100-year celebrated history alive and well-stocked in the refrigerators and coolers of our neighborhoods. Across three generations, A-Treat remains a Pennsylvania staple and a must-have for summer barbecues, football tailgaters, family picnics, and so many more activities of nostalgia and family togetherness. A-Treat is the simple pleasure that will never get old. 

For a little more flavor visit the A-Treat website.

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Rows of A-Treat Cans
The Beauty of Bountiful Harvests

Schantz Orchards

We have a passion for keeping traditions alive in the Lehigh Valley. This embodies our love for Schantz Orchards. From this fertile 300-acre orchard, founded in 1919 by Milton P. Schantz, we produce 50,000 bushels of apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes, plums, pumpkins, and gourds each year. 

Purchased by the Jaindl family in 1988, the orchard supplies produce to local supermarkets, fruit stands, and farmer's markets in the Lehigh Valley.

Luke Jaindl picking apples
Generations of Dedication

Our History

The Jaindl family has always lived by the doctrine that we will conduct our business with the utmost of honesty and integrity. We only deserve your respect if we've given it and earned it through our words and actions. This tried and true purpose was forged back in 1936 when John L. Jaindl bought Fred Jaindl a few turkeys at the county fair. Fred, an exuberant and ambitious boy, raised those first turkeys into a calling — a business that grew so much larger than they could ever have imagined.

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Giving Back

Our roots run deep in the communities of beautiful Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. We owe so much of what we can call our success to our neighbors and loyal customers. Giving back to the causes and needs of those around us is a core principle of our family. That is why we established the Fred J. Jaindl Foundation in honor of our founder, father, and grandfather. After five generations, we know our prosperity can only be measured if it includes what we offer the world.

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Here's How to Reach Us

We love meeting new people and growing the network of our ever-expanding community. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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