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Learn more about the family and management team behind the Jaindl brand who work diligently to exceed the expectations of our customers and business associates.

Thomas Edison

“The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do.”

This quote embodies what we at Jaindl strive to represent. We do things the right way — never the easy way.  We work diligently to exceed the expectations of our customers, business associates, and frankly everyone we meet. From the small grocery store buying holiday turkeys to the industrial companies looking for the best location to expand their footprint we go that extra, hard mile. 

David & Jackie Jaindl

Our Heart and Soul

David M. Jaindl is the voice and driving force at the forefront of Jaindl. His relentless passion for doing business the right way is evident in each of his many roles as owner and president of Jaindl Farms, an enterprise which includes Jaindl Turkey Sales, Jaindl Land Company, Jaindl Beverage (A-Treat), and Schantz Orchards.

A consummate altruist, David holds key roles in many philanthropic endeavors. He serves as a trustee for the Jaindl Foundation that benefits various non-profit organizations within the Lehigh Valley. In 2006, he became a co-founder, officer, and director of the Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley, which runs a state-of-the-art baseball program for nearly 300 physically and mentally-challenged children and young adults. 

David and Jackie have each chaired and been involved with numerous charitable and educational organizations over the years. 


David and Anne Jaindl

The Jaindl Family

David and Jackie reside in Orefield, Pennsylvania.  Their five children Adam, Jake, Luke, Josh, Joanna and her husband Ethan, along with David’s sister, Cathy, and nephew, John Jr. are all actively involved in the family business.

Jaindl family

Adam Jaindl

"Early in my Childhood, it was clear my father and grandfather were very hard workers with determination to not only create quality product (in all businesses), but to create something superior in the market. All this while also having the guiding principal of philanthropy in the community we live. Leading by that example molded the family of businesses to where it is today and where it will be going in the future. Upon graduating from Parkland High School and DeSales University, and after years of working in various roles of the numerous family businesses, today I am proud to be working alongside my family to manage the Farm and Real Estate Development Company." 

Adam Jaindl profile

Jake Jaindl

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve known that turkey farming is what I wanted to do with my life. I went to Penn State for agriculture business. At the age of 21 I took over the operations of our turkey hatchery (where we will hatch over 800,000 turkeys in less than 6 months). That same year I started helping with management and operations in our processing plant and continue to do this every day. I find it unique that I am the first person to see the turkey hatch from it’s egg and then the last to see it go into a bag.”

Jake Jaindl Profile

Luke Jaindl

"Working on the farm is a feeling that I just can’t explain in words. Something that when you wake up in the morning you feel like you have a purpose. Since I was young, I’ve had this deep feeling and it's continued through my years at Parkland High School and my Agricultural degree at Penn State University. And it continues now. My day consists of many tasks from assisting in management on the turkey farm to managing part of the real estate portfolio to A-Treat. I am blessed and fortunate to be working here day-in and day-out with my family."

Luke Jaindl Profile

Josh Jaindl

“Growing up around the farm as a kid, I always knew I wanted to be a turkey farmer and work alongside my family – every persons’ dream! After getting my degree at Kutztown University, I was ready to help my family and father keep the business going for years to come. Right out of college they put me on insemination which really showed a perspective of what hard work means. I also am involved in food safety with HAACP and controlling every bird that comes through the processing plant. The team we have at Jaindl’s is like no other. Our business is full of hard-working men and women who put pride into what they do day in and day out ensuring our customers get the best turkey product possible.”

Josh Jaindl Profile

Joanna Jaindl Keichel

“As a child, I can remember sitting around my Grandparent's dinner table listening to my Grandpa, Dad, Aunts and Uncles talking about the farm and admiring their work ethic and commitment to the operations. Even though my parents always made it clear that we should pursue our dreams and never forced us to work in the family business – I always knew this is where I wanted to be. In middle school I started helping in the retail store and hatchery seasonally while my brothers worked long hot summers in the turkey barns throughout their younger years. After attending Kutztown University, I started working full time as Retail Store manager, turkey sales and marketing for the farm, Jaindl Land Company and A-Treat soda. It’s a true honor to see our Grandpa’s legacy continue on from generation to generation.”

Joanna Jaindl Profile

Cathy Jaindl

“Being the oldest bird still working full time on the Family Farm — besides my brother David that is — I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation the farm has made over the past 60 years.  From paper and pencils to computers and biofuel. From just growing turkeys to the many different turkey products we now offer. When you work in a family farm business everyone wears many different hats — which makes each day special and exciting — no two days are ever the same.  I’ve enjoyed working on the farm with my brothers and sisters since we were kids, then watching my brother, David, take over and grow the company and seeing my nephews and niece grow into their management positions within the company. Some people can say the people they work with are “like family,” I am blessed to say the people I work with ARE Family.”


John Jaindl, Jr.

“As a young boy, I was always infatuated with heavy equipment. My dad, John Jaindl, Sr. would take me up to the farm on the weekends and let me sit on the loaders, backhoes, tractors, and more. As I got older watching my grandparents, dad, aunts, and uncles run the family business, I immediately knew that would be my future. I had such an interest in every aspect of the whole operation and focused on the agriculture end. Learning about agriculture made me happy so I made a lifelong career out of it and I am still learning to this day as technology evolves. I wouldn’t have it any other way. During summer vacation from school, I would help on the landscape crews to mowing grass, and when I got older, I was out in the fields planting, harvesting, spraying, and baling. Now, at 43 years old I manage the day-to-day operations on the Ag end and also the feed mill.”


Richard Gildner

A Message From David Jaindl:

"Richard Gildner, fondly known on the farm as “RIP” has worked with the Jaindl Family for over 57 years. Rip started on the farm as a 16-year-old boy working in our original Processing Plant which was located on Walbert Avenue in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After graduation from High School, he did a stint in the service, serving active duty in Vietnam. Upon returning from the service as an Officer, Rip came back to the farm and has remained a part of the Jaindl Family ever since. Rip has held many positions on the farm over the course of his 57 years, mainly as Hatchery Manager, Plant Manager, and General Manager. Rip has been instrumental in advancing the farm to where it is today with his ingenuity. Today, Rip continues to help on the farm seasonally, as his main passion is taking time to travel with his lovely wife, Bonnie."

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Farm Managers

(from left to right of photo):

First row: Ann Hantz, Richard Gildner, David Jaindl, Jackie Jaindl, Kent Harmison, John Jaindl Jr.

Second Row: Wendy Nicolosi, Adam Jaindl, David Seip, Jake Jaindl, Luke Jaindl, Josh Jaindl, Todd Kohler, Ethan Keichel, Joanna Jaindl Keichel, Dennis O’Leary, Jay Wall, Howard Kutzler, Heather George, Dawn Carlon, Cathy Jaindl (not pictured).

Managers Group Photo - Square

The Jaindl Office Team

(from left to right of photo):

First row: John Jaindl, Jr., Richard Gildner, David Jaindl, Jackie Jaindl, Kent Harmison and Ann Hantz.

Second Row: Kim Seip, Cathy Tompkins, Adam Jaindl, Jake Jaindl, Joanna Jaindl Keichel, Wendy Nicolosi, Erica Gamble, Christine Sutjak and Dawn Carlon.

Third Row: Deby Wanyo, Ondrea Solt, Todd Kohler, Dennis O'Leary, Matt Hook, Josh Jaindl, Luke Jaindl, Ethan Keichel, Howard Kutzler, Heather George and Megan Phelan.

Jaindl Office Team Photo - Square

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