Preserving Our Land and Heritage

Sustainable Farming

We farm our land with a salute of respect. We don't just talk about sustainability, we put it into practice. There will always be new ways to reduce waste and optimize the output of our farmlands and turkey raising operations.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

There are countless measures we can take to promote our environment, and we believe there's no excuse for not striving to constantly improve. Here are some examples of our recent green initiatives:

  • Solar Energy: We are currently installing a solar field that will account for 15% of our energy production annually, supplementing our plant and farm operations.
  • Crop Rotation: We consult with an agronomist regularly in order to maintain the most efficient planting and harvesting plan. Rotating crops and planting cover crops on this uniquely devised schedule generates healthier soil and improves pest control.
  • Planting Cover Crops: Cover crops protect and build soil health by preventing erosion, replenishing soil nutrients, and keeping weeds in check, which reduces the need for additional herbicides.
  • Green Space: All of our grow-out farms and agricultural fields have buffers and berms to assist with erosion, reduce runoff, and support pollinators and other biodiversity.
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Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions is our commitment to the planet and it's a standard that we hold strongly to heart. Jaindl plans all of its activities while keeping in mind the specific impact to our immediate environment and surrounding communities. We also undertake proactive measures such as neighborhood tree planting and the use of an anaerobic digestor to fortify our environment. 

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Soy Energy Reliance

Farming is our food and our fuel. Jaindl's soybean crops serve a vital role in the feed we prepare onsite to feed our turkeys. Soybeans provide the turkeys with a valuable protein. It's a time-tested diet we created to achieve a fuller, more optimal growth.

A byproduct of our soy process becomes an oil used for powering our tractors, boilers, and other farm equipment. We willingly rely on our land for supply and support.

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Grain Farming

It's our birthright to work the land and yield the grains that make our farm sustainable. All turkey feeds used on our farm are derived from grain homegrown on our land. It allows us the careful governance of all activities, from planting to harvesting to delivering fresh rations of feed to the turkey barns. This closed-loop mindset represents a pillar of our farming beliefs.

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