Healthy and Humane

Raising Better Turkeys

The Process that Prevails

The best way to ensure quality and wholesomeness is to do it yourself. That's why Jaindl controls every step of the process, from egg to store shelf. Breeding, hatching, growing, processing, and distributing turkeys is done by Jaindl employees and only Jaindl employees.

We even grow the crops that make up the feed we give our turkeys. It's the details that make a difference.

Our goal is to provide the finest turkeys, through humane processes, and with the least impact on our environment. Your family deserves food you feel good about. 

Learn more about our humane practices from the link below.

Humane Practices
Young turkeys in barn

 A Breed Apart

The legendary Jaindl turkey carries the distinction of a fuller, broader breast. It's a remarkable characteristic that came as the result of decades of selective breeding by our founder, Fred Jaindl.

What this means to the consumer is a breed that produces up to 54% more white meat than that of other brands.

To ensure this pure quality, each Jaindl turkey is born from carefully selected breeding hens and toms from Jaindl’s own stock. Excellence begins in infancy. Once born, poults remain housed in the Jaindl nursery for 10 days before being placed in our spacious grow-out farms.

Learn more about our Hatchery, please follow the link below.

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Our Dedicated Caretakers

Governing our responsible processes on a daily basis requires a properly trained staff composed of like-minded team members who act by our values. It's the only way we ensure our humane practices are being followed to the letter.

Our in-depth annual training sessions serve as an opportunity to expand on and improve on the health of our breeding and raising activities, plus we can onboard new staff members into our system.

Each of our 219 barns is assigned two daily caretakers. Their job is to hand feed turkeys, provide them with fresh water sourced through on-site well system, and carefully clean their living quarters.

Our feeding practices make a difference in raising better turkeys, to learn more please visit Our Feed Mill page.

Our Feed Mill
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