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Interesting and Fun Jaindl Facts

For over 85 years our family owned and operated farm has strived to consistently bring our customers the highest quality turkeys on the market. We’re proud of our history and heritage, and equally proud of the product we provide to our customers.

Here are some interesting facts about Jaindl Turkeys:

  • Jaindl has been chosen for nearly 50 years by the National Turkey Federation to provide the turkeys that grace the Holiday table at the White House
  • We produce more than 840,000 turkeys a year and require more than 2,000 tons of feed during our peak-growing season
  • Jaindl Farms owns 160 grain farms located in Lehigh, Northampton, Schuylkill, and Berks counties
  • Each year, Jaindl's 12,000 acres produce 130,000 bushels of wheat, 700,000 bushels of corn, and 250,000 bushels of soybeans
  • On-site storage capacity is approximately 950,000 bushels
  • Our 15-ton tri axle feed truck with a stinger auger hauls 200 tons of feed daily
  • Jaindl is the only “Lite” whole-bodied turkey available on the market
  • It is “Lite” because it has 55% less fat and 25% less calories than other raw turkeys as determined by an independent lab
  • The only “Lite” whole-bodied turkey as confirmed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • More Edible Meat Per Pound: The Jaindl consumer size Grand Champion brand turkey has up to 46%- 54% more white meat than three of the leading brands tested in our test kitchen

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