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5-Pound Turkey BBQ

PA Dutch Turkey BBQ

Crafted by hand in small batches in our Orefield plant this tasty family recipe has been passed down for decades. Now we are sharing it with our customers in a convenient and easy to heat up form. This item is fully cooked and sold frozen.  In the PA Dutch BBQ, you will find a base of cream of celery with lots of other flavors slow roasted. Perfect for get togethers or a party, just throw it in a crock pot and forget it.  Your guests will be coming back for seconds and maybe even thirds.

Pulled Turkey BBQ

This is the newest addition to our turkey BBQ line. It is crafted by hand in small batches. It has a red BBQ sauce base with additional spices. It is fully cooked and sold frozen. This tasty treat will become a family favorite for sure!

For mail order pricing information and large quantity orders, please call our wholesale department at 1-800-475-6654.

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2018 Turkey Bbq 5 Lb Both

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