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Grain Feed Mill

Our Feed Mill

A Pillar of Our Sustainable Process

Source control plays a major role in establishing and maintaining our sustainable farming operation. Grain grown and stored locally onsite suits this purpose and allows us to manage a dependable health and quality for our production. The Jaindl feed mill provides the architecture for this sizable process to take place.

We hand-built our feed mill in 1968 with the purpose of improving levels of efficiency and capacity of our farm feed production. All grains enter the feed mill and undergo a drying, cleaning, and storage process. Once that effort is complete, we mix the ingredients that become vital elements in our home-grown feed.

The feed mill storage capacity includes:

  • 6 grain bins that hold 67,000 bushel each
  • 2 larger bins that store 285,000 bushels each

Our 15-ton triaxle feed truck hauls 200 tons of feed daily.

Grain feed mill

Creating a Proprietary Food Source

A vital food ingredient on our farm is our proprietary soy protein. We constructed a state-of-the-art soybean protein plant that extrudes whole soybeans and converts them into 36% protein meal. This fresh, high-energy meal gets blended into a freshly-ground corn mix to produce what we believe to be the finest ration of feed available. It’s homegrown, so we know exactly what our turkeys eat each and every day.

Jaindl feed types consist of multiple ingredients:

  • Cracked corn
  • Soybean meal
  • Limestone
  • Monocal
  • Salt

We have a 16-bin system that weighs out different formulas of minerals and vitamins that gets mixed into our feed, creating different combinations of healthy nutrients.


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From Feed to Fuel

Recently, Jaindl added in-line presses into our process that expel oil from the extruded beans. Now, along with converted protein meal, this process produces an environmentally friendly biofuel used to heat our farm buildings and power our farm equipment.


In-line Grain presses

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