Minimizing Our Impact

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Our Commitment to a Healthier Community

One of the best ways we can serve our community is to eliminate the areas of negative impact. Reducing carbon emissions is a commitment to our planet we hold strongly to heart. Jaindl plans all of its operations with this impact in mind.

Planting Trees in Lehigh Valley

Tree planting is an activity we consistently carry out through all Jaindl farm and land development projects. Trees help create healthier communities by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, to name just a few benefits.

Jaindl has operated tree nurseries for 86 years of business and has planted more than 200,000 trees throughout the Lehigh Valley. This commitment includes planting only trees native to our area. Furthermore, we care for newly planted trees throughout the first year, the critical year of growth. We water them weekly and provide mulch to aid in water retention.

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Turkey Manure Production

The environmental impacts of livestock and poultry production are a challenge for agriculture. Ammonia, along with greenhouse gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane, are all key areas of concern.

We breed our turkeys for high feed efficiency, which means they consume less feed and make better use of available nutrients while at the same time producing more meat. This diet ultimately results in lower emissions because it enables us to maintain a more efficient level of turkey manure production, aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses.

Hand feeding Jaindl turkey

Anaerobic Digestor

Jaindl is in the preliminary phase of installing an anaerobic digestor at our farm in Orefield, PA. An anaerobic digestor is a farm-based Organics to Energy opportunity that offers farmers relief from rising energy costs and manure disposal challenges. It provides food and beverage manufacturers, food retailers, businesses, and institutions an organics recycling solution that complies with waste bans, provides the opportunity to help a local farm, and helps save the environment.

Some benefits of the anaerobic digestor:

  • Converts the energy potential in manure and food waste into renewable energy
  • Provides low-cost energy, organic fertilizer, and free heat and hot water to the farm
  • Microbes digest manure and food waste and creating methane for farm-based generators
  • Generates renewable natural gas for renewable electricity
  • Reduces farm odor and groundwater contamination
  • Digestate fertilizer by-product increases crop yields and local food production
Panoramic of Jaindl Farms

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