Sourcing Food and Fuel

Soybean Meal and Oil Energy

How We Depend On Soybeans

Soybeans hold a prominent role in virtually all of our operations. It’s both food and fuel. When mixed with grains the soybean provides our turkey feed with a healthy, natural protein. It’s an essential ingredient of a diet carefully monitored for optimal growth.


The Unique Value of Liquid Mash

Jaindl produces around 200,000 bushels of soybeans annually. Using our time-honored, automated process we move beans into our Soybean Protein Plant where they are conditioned and passed through an extruder which heats them to 350-degrees Fahrenheit.

The soybeans exit the extruder as “liquid mash,” which acts as the base ingredient for two important products: “High Oil” feed additive and “High Protein” turkey meal. You can read about these unique processes below.

Jaindl farm facility

High Oil Meal

High Oil Protein is a soy-based protein meal that provides 36% protein and is mixed into feed with grains harvested from our vast farmland. This important feed product provides our turkeys with a well-balanced diet.

Producing this meal requires Liquid Mash to be brought into drum coolers that tumble the hot extruded product at a rate of 10-12 tons per hour. The hot mash is aerated until a desired cool temperature is reached, and then are pulverized by a hammer mill into the feed component.


Farm worker holding turkey

High Protein Meal

Creating the high-protein, low-oil byproduct is an equally unique process that results in a 44% Protein based turkey meal. This protein is added to the feed as prescribed by Jaindl’s Veterinary Nutritionist to create the highest quality feed available for Jaindl’s special breed of turkeys.

After leaving the extruder, the mash is routed through an oil press-driven process, which basically separates liquid soy oil from the solid meal material. Once refined, the oil is led into underground holding tanks where it awaits use.

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