Healthy Life Begins

Our Turkey Hatchery

Healthy Life Begins

Supporting a healthy and humane life for tens of thousands of turkeys requires a series of delicate yet precise processes. As the centerpiece of our operations, the Jaindl turkey hatchery has stood the test of time while containing all the elements of our hatching operation. It’s where life outside the shell commences for up to 80,000 poults each week. Ensuring our high standards for humane quality of life begins here for our flock.

Handful of turkey eggs

Caring for the Egg

The process begins when an automatic egg collection system delivers eggs into our hatchery, an environment maintained at hospital-clean standards. There, the eggs are washed, sanitized, and air-dried using equipment uniquely designed for this purpose.

Eggs complete the wash process within one hour of arrival. They are now carefully placed into our incubators, which can handle of 450,000 eggs.

Incubation Facts

  • Eggs are inside incubator for 25 days
  • Each incubator holds 10,000 eggs
  • The incubators are turned every hour at a 45-degree angle
Jaindl egg incubator

Sustaining Life, Poult Health

A turkey poult hatches in 28 days. Once hatched, poults remain in our nursery for 10 days. We monitor their health during these precious early stages before taking them to grow-out barns.

Our uncommon emphasis on health and quality of life includes sanitary measures that go above and beyond our industry peers. Poults are provided fresh bedding and live in barns that are cleaned and sanitized barns after each flock turnover. Though costly, these practices ensure we keep a clean, productive, and disease-free flock.

Turkey Growth Facts:

  • Our eight “grow-out” farms and one breeder farm contain 219 total barns, nearly 2.5 million square feet of living space
  • Turkeys are grown in pole barns equipped with Chore Time Automatic Feed Systems
  • Two of the eight grow-out farms are dedicated to “Free-Range” turkeys, which are fed a special antibiotic free, animal by-product free diet.
  • Jaindl raises two types of turkey breeds, a medium type and a large type
  • Our turkeys range in sizes from 8 to 40 pounds at 20 to 30 weeks old



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